The Franz Bakery Foundation believes in the importance of supporting our communities. Our Foundation is committed to helping build an environment of respect, equity and inclusion for all. We recognize the value of diversity and know that we all do better when everyone in our communities are thriving. The Franz Bakery Foundation helps local organizations make a positive, impactful difference. To apply for a grant, click here.

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Our Mission

To support families, youth development and hunger reduction in areas that Franz and our family of bakeries serve.

The most effective way for the Foundation to support our communities is by giving grants to registered charitable organizations (501c3 tax-exempt nonprofits), that share our mission. Our average grant is $2,500.

The Franz Bakery Foundation accepts applications for grants on a yearly basis starting January 1st and ending Nov. 17th. We review grant applications in conjunction with the Franz Spirit of Giving in early December. Organizations are able to reapply year after year. Applications do not carry over to the following calendar year. If you are selected to receive a grant, you will be contacted by email from the Franz Bakery Foundation. A check usually follows within four weeks.

Eligibility of Organization

To be eligible for a grant your organization must:

  • A 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit – documentation is required for proof of tax exempt status
  • Be located in an area that Franz services: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming.
  • Support families, youth development and/or hunger reduction.

Among other particulars you will need to share the objectives for the grant, how the project will be sustained after the grant money is spent and within six months of receiving the grant, be willing to provide the Foundation with a follow up on how the grant achieved your objective.

The Franz Bakery Foundation is proud to support the many organizations that are doing so much to assist our neighbors and communities!

Please send questions to

See Grants in Action for real life success stories.

We do not make donations toward the following:

  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Travel expenses
  • Projects of sectarian or religious organizations whose principal benefit is for their own members or adherents.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.
  • Third-party giving (when an organization requests funds from Franz Bakery and then donates those funds to another organization.)
  • We do not make product donations. Please click here for more info on The Franz Discount Donation Program.

Click on an organization to learn more about their grant in action!

Apply for a grant by filling out the following form. All fields are required.

Submissions for grant applications are open Jan. 1st through Nov. 17th.