1896 Engelbert and Joe Franz immigrate to the United States to work at their uncle’s bakery.
1906 The Franz brothers purchase Ann Arbor Bakery and save enough money to buy the bakery from their uncle.
1906: UNITED STATES BAKERY United States Bakery is founded by Engelbert Franz, later to be known as Franz Bakery.
THROUGH THE 1920's Bread is delivered by horse drawn wagons.
1926 At the request of Yaw’s Restaurant, Engelbert Franz develops the first uniform hamburger bun.
1929 Trucks start to replace horse-drawn wagons for delivery.
1930's Packaging transitions from paper wrappers to waxed paper wrappers help keep bread fresh.
1954 Engelbert’s son, Joe Franz takes over as President of Franz Bakery after his father’s passing. Joe Franz
1956 Franz Bakery celebrates its 50th anniversary by adding the iconic spinning loaf to the top of the Portland Bakery. > IMAGE GALLERY
1967 The evolution into plastic bags from waxed paper packaging helps further preserve freshness.
1978 Franz Bakery in Portland undergoes a major remodel and the bakery expands to cover five city blocks.
1986 Bob Albers is named new CEO of Franz Bakery .
1994 Cookies are added to the product mix when Franz purchases Smith Cookie Company in McMinnville, OR.
2006 A record breaking 104ft hot dog bun is produced in honor of Franz Bakery's 100th anniversary. Franz builds a new bakery in Springfield, OR. The first to be built from the ground up since the company was founded.
2010 Franz Bakery becomes certified by Oregon Tilth to bake USDA certified organic products.
2012 Franz launches a gluten free line produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.